Maxi Grill

Soot and grease abatement system

Our new Maxi Grill is specifically designed for smoke, grease and soot filtering of charcoal and wood grills, but can be used with excellent results together with dry filtration. Standard flow rates up to 10.000 m3/h. We are able to build higher flow rates on request.

This filtering system is based on the most simple and efficient element in nature: water. A combination of fresh and recycled water (from the tank) runs through a recirculation pump to keep the nozzles spraying water at high pressure washing the gasses, it then filters and purifies the smoke, eliminating grease and soot particles produced by the combustion. Our new technology is low on water consumption. With this new washing system, and the transversal air flow, it is possible to achieve considerably higher air flow, while maintaining a small form factor and high efficiency. Depending on how the unit is installed, must be hooked up with a fan and a starting switch to start both units.

The unit, compared to the traditional Maxi range, is equipped with additional mechanical filters and a water separator filter in stainless steel. These filters are easily accessible, and allow for easy and quick maintenance.