SMOKI, Soot Abatement Systems, Exhaust Systems , Grease and Odor Treatment and Flues, pursues a policy oriented to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We ensure professionalism and concrete answers for your every need.

Free Quote

After a careful on-site analysis, we provide free customized offers.

On Site Inspections

We perform strategic on site inspections in order to get a detailed analysis of the situation and provide concrete and immediate solutions.


All our products can be customized in various sizes depending on the specific needs to ensure specific solutions to every customer.


We guarantee a prompt after-sales service. Maintenance of our products is very simple and can be performed directly by the customer with the help of our easy to use illustrated manual. However, we do offer service on site whenever necessary.


Spare parts are available for all products of the Smoki series.

Reliability, professionalism and technology.
Witnesses of what we state are all the customers who have benefited from our service.