Leaders in environmental technology for 30 years

/Leaders in environmental technology for 30 years

Smoki Srl – have been leaders in environmental technology for the past 30 years.

The Pirani Family’s professional history is based on continued technological research, solid Know-how acquired on the field and lastly the passion for our work.

We have designed a new logo to celebrate our first 30 years of activity and thank all of our customers and collaborators for this long and happy journey filled with technological and human challenges.

Today, we are stepping into the future with new ideas and evolving our projects with the awareness and strength of our history behind us.

We are happy to be celebrating 30 years of success with a confident out look to the future.

Conceived in a moment of brilliance 30 years ago Smoki invented and patented the first prototype system for soot abatement in wood burning ovens to solve a problem that no one had ever been able to adequately answer.

The first prototype was tested in a famous pizzeria of our town, Riccione, and the customer was so happy with the result that the news began to spread. With the first sales, we decided to patent our invention.

Since 1994 we have continuously improved our design using premier quality materials and making the Smoki System a global leader of its kind.

“Ieri”… e oggi: da sempre al servizio dell’ambiente.

Once a novel idea 30 years ago, soot and grease removal systems are today and established necessity throughout Italian and foreign markets. We are very proud of our products. Most of our sales are made by word of mouth, one happy customer who tells another. We believe that the success of our company is due to our policy of treating each and every customer with the respect and quality of workmanship that we would expect for ourselves.

The SMOKI Soot Abatement system, available today in different versions, is still subject to countless imitations that bear witness to its success, but cannot match our high performance and quality standards.

Today we are present throughout Europe, with important partnerships and dealers who represent us also in the name: SMOKI USA, Smoki France, Smoki Nederland and Smoki Iberica. Our special thanks go to Mr. Peter de Jong, owner of SMOKI USA, for the great work done with tenacity and passion over the years. Today SMOKI USA is a real rib of SMOKI ITALY.

Our main goal ever: preserve the Made in Italy by protecting the environment and give our contribution for a better quality of the air we breathe. This history of challenge, commitment, and success is now pursuing the path of innovation to make our products even easier to use and maintain, devise new solutions to increasingly safeguard the environment and human health and expand our commercial network in countries where we are not present yet.

Special thanks to all of our customers and collaborators for making this beautiful professional and human history possible.

Altri 30 anni di Smoki a noi!