At Smoki we bet on our own Ideas and succeeded

Certified quality for sales in Europe, the USA and Canada (aut. nr. MH60726).

Smoki s.rl. bet on their own ideas to develop the first Soot Removal Systems and solve the problem that until that time had not been adequately addressed.

Smoki s.r.l. deals with the production and installation of Soot and Grease Removal Systems, design, maintenance and installation of stainless steel, copper or painted FluesAir Handling Units and Fume Filters in general.

Continuous Technological Research, Great Professionalism and Experience at the service of the Environment for 25 years.

Last Works

Winner of the Kitchen Innovation Award 2014

Smoki USA is our partner in the USA. Our Smoke Zapper, the American version of the Smoki Junior, won the prestigious Kitchen Innovations Award at NRA Show, Chicago in 2014.
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