Smoki is there and making a difference even in New York.

Smoki USA CEO, Peter de Jong, sheds light on article that came out in “The Guardian,” where he responds, complete with examples and drawing, on how our smoke and soot suppressants work. In the article, it mentions an old law that will will soon go into effect and is aimed at reducing particulate emissions. It is thanks to our machines that New Yorkers will be able to enjoy still the authentic Italian pizza baked with a wood-fired oven. Regarding

Max 300

Pizzeria dal Moro – Maxi 300

A very nice and demanding job for our team at  the Restaurant Pizzeria  “DAL MORO” in Aulla, (MS)  Tuscany. We have just finished the installation of a Maxi 300 serving 2 wood fired pizza ovens , a suction system including fans, ducting and air integration. Thank you for trusting us, ALWAYS!

Eataly Florence – Maxi 300

In the enchanting city of Florence, at the Eataly store, we have just completed the assembly of a Maxi 300 soot abatement system  for a wood fired bread oven. Nothing is as pleasant as the fragrance of freshly baked bread from a wood fired oven.