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Smoki and piadina, it’s love!

Smoki and piadina, it’s love! Here we are at Riccione Piadina, Via I Maggio, 345, 47842 San Giovanni In Marignano RN. We are carrying out a demanding work step by step. In these days we have finished the assembly of a kitchen smoke extractor in the new restaurant built inside the building of Riccione piadina. Piadina, a bit like pizza, is loved by everyone and knows no crisis. And luckily !

Orva what a Piadina!

Orva what a Piadina! In Bagnacavallo (RA), Orva is opening a new factory for the production of the famous Piadina and related products. We are proud to have been contacted once again to carry out the installation of 10 chimney flues. The work has started now and will be completed in the coming months.  Thanks for trusting us Orva!

Ciberia DaMò

Ciberia DaMò, Misano Adriatico. We have just completed the installation of a kitchen extraction system consisting of: fan with reverse blades, control panel with inverter, wall hood and vertical flow terminal. Despite the difficult times, we are starting work at full speed. Thank you all for trusting us.

Hotel Ghirlandina

Hotel Ghirlandina, Rivazzurra di Rimini. We have just finished the installation of a fan for kitchen fumes and a Vapor hood for Rational oven. Slowly and with the necessary security measures, the activities of our beautiful Riviera Romagnola are starting to invest in the future, the beaches resonate with music and joy, and we all toast to Life and Freedom.

Installation and maintenance of a wood fired oven: what are the criteria?

Is any special authorization required for the installation of the oven? Or, given the private property of the business premises, can the owner install it where and when he wants? These are the main questions that restaurant owners are asking when they decide to install a wood fired oven in their restaurant. The regulations for the installation of such oven, depend on the characteristics of the same and the position of the activity. As regards the regulations for traditional

Restaurant Pizzeria +39

Restaurant Pizzeria +39 at Castenaso (BO)   We have installed a soot abatememt system Mod. Smoki Junior 250 serving the wood fired oven and a central hood for kitchen fumes. Slowly, but gradually, we feel the signs of rebirth in our sector. We are really happy about it. Our closeness to all of you, because we know how difficult this re-start can be.

“TIN BOTA” Restaurant Pizzeria.

What a great feeling to be back at work after a long time! Of course, in full compliance with current rules. Here we are in Rimini, Viale Mantova 19 at the “TIN BOTA” Restaurant Pizzeria. We have carried out the installation of flues for the expulsion of fumes from the wood fired oven, gas boiler, kitchen and the arrangement of the chimney for the Hotel above. It is the dawn of a new Life. Now, we all understand how important it is not

Smoki Restart

Any successful business has to do with hard decisions.   We reopen today being aware that all has changed and we will have to reinvent ourselves.   In compliance with Government Regulations, we have decided to reopen on May 4th.   We reopen for our customers, who have been patiently waiting for us all these weeks with understanding and affection;   We reopen for Italy, because we want to be an active part of this Country that despite everything has taught the world for thousands of years;

Happy Easter 2020

Easter 2020 will be forever remembered and no one will ever forget the gestures of solidarity that are affecting all aspects of our lives. We truly hope this Easter will disperse fear and open our hearts to a new joy. The Smoki Family wishes you a Happy Easter and reminds you that we will return as soon as the government regulations allow us. Happy Easter

Will remain closed fo Covid-19 Emergency

Dear Customer, with great sense of responsibility, we at Smoki, have decided to do our part to deal with the Coronavirus emergency. Starting today 16th March, our beloved company will remain closed until a later date. It is an important moment where there is no we , you or the others, but a Homeland, unique and united that we all must help. May our hugs reach you all, confident that this too will pass soon. Smoki srl