Smoki Restart

//Smoki Restart
Any successful business
has to do with hard decisions.
We reopen today being aware that all
has changed and we will have to reinvent ourselves.
In compliance with Government Regulations,
we have decided to reopen on May 4th.
We reopen for our customers,
who have been patiently waiting for us all these weeks with
understanding and affection;
We reopen for Italy,
because we want to be an active part of this
Country that despite everything has taught
the world for thousands of years;
We reopen for us,
because this is not a simple job for us and
we are impatient to return to our work with
enthusiasm and gratitude.
Starting from next Monday
we are available at our
usual phone numbers, so please do not
hesitate to contact us anytime.
Terenzio Pirani +39 335 5206031
Davide Pirani +39 335 5206037
Cinzia Pirani +39 334 1513007
Marco Muccioli +39 335 5707012