Smoki ESG

//Smoki ESG

ESG Rating is a rating system that measures the environmental, social and governance performance of companies or other organisations.
The acronym ESG refers to three macro-themes

environmental (Environmental)
social (Social)
g (Governance)

In short, it assesses how committed a company is to holistic sustainability practices.
From this, it is easy to see how having a positive ESG score has become strategic. Put simply, it means that the company that has it has created shared value that goes beyond the mere concept of profit, giving rise to a sustainability value linked to corporate image.

It is therefore a real plus that we are pleased to have obtained through a third-party certifier.

We are constantly engaged in the exercise of improving ourselves, because we have always sought excellence, not only in our products and services, but by paying attention to our responsibilities.

This has made us what we are: a company with strong ties, a global vision, Italian hands.

Quite simply Smoki.

Smoki: the future is here