Smoki s.rl. bet on his own ideas to develop the first soot removal systems and solve a problem that until this time had not been adequately addressed.
Once a novel idea 20 years ago, soot removal systems are today an established necessity throughout Italian and foreign markets.

Smoki srl deals with the production and installation of soot removal systems, design, maintenance and installation of stainless steel, copper or painted flues, kitchen hoods, air handling units and fume filters in general.
We manufacture exhaust and air handling systems with no limit  in power and size, to be used in the civil field and restaurants, always in compliance with current regulations.

Experience, quality and professionalism comes with our Smoki soot removal filters , available in different versions.


abbattitori di fuliggine




(IT) Smoki Junior e Maxi Grill

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Test Smoke Zapper

La Qualità e l’Alta Affidabilità Smoki si misura sul campo. Abbiamo effettuato Test di efficacia del nostro Abbattitore di Fuliggine Smoke Zapper nella nostra filiale Smoki USA.…

abbattitori di fuliggine

Pizzeria Planet in Finale Ligure

Pizzeria Planet in Finale Ligure We recently completed the installation of a Smoki Junior- pictured above is the finished job at Pizzeria Planet Pizza (SV) Soot abatement systems…