Soot Abatement Systems

Smoke filtering system for wood fired pizza ovens with self-starting fan.
Filtration systems that remove all soot particles discharged through wood fired pizza oven flues, thus preventing atmospheric pollution and any risk of fire. Thanks to the cooling effect of water, smoke enters the unit from the oven at 250/300°C and exits the unit at 70/80° C. The filtering method in the unit is based on the simplest and most efficient element found in nature: water!

This model is provided with a self-starting fan for high temperatures that user will turn on and off independently from the machine itself in order to increase the suction power of under-sized or horizontal flues, long flue tracks with bends or to be used on some special kinds of ovens (such as rotating ovens)that require a major air circulation.
Water consumption is minimal: the system recycles normal tap water that then filters and clears all fumes from soot particles produced during combustion. With the installation of a Smoki we guarantee a natural air draft, as the unit contains no inner mechanical filters or bottlenecks.

In Italy, all of our systems are recognised by the National Health Service and are acknowledged as eco friendly.