Romagna and its people

//Romagna and its people
ROMAGNA and its people, well known for the culinary arts and outstanding products.
This universally recognized tradition is not the only excellence of this amazing Italian Region.
Innovation and technology have, through the years, become the pillar Romagna has built a reputation on. These outstanding traditions are passed on from generation to generation and make a solid base for resilience and foresight.Traditions like the “AZDORE”. They were the heart of any Family in ROMAGNA.
Wives, Mothers and custodians of countless traditions and crafts that were passed on, from one generation to the next. Teaching what is most important in order to achieve perfect results, each time, without fail.
This kind of dedication and precision from the past have evolved into a new, industrial excellence which has never lost creativity and Italian ingenuitySMOKI is keeping the tradition of the past alive by reaching into the Italian Know-how. Merging tradition with innovation and creating a bright new present and clear goals for the future.

Heart, passion and perseverance. SMOKI, a company that speaks a dialect that comes from the heart, «il Romagnolo”.