Certified quality for sales in Europe, Canada and the USA. (authorization nr. MH60726).

Smoki manufactures equipment used in the industrial and catering fields, with no limit to power and size, always in compliance with current regulations. 

We specialize in flues, extraction systems, air handling and the production and installation of soot and grease abatement systems.

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Ciberia DaMò, Via Guglielmo Marconi, 5 47843 Misano Adriatico. Terminata l’installazione di un impianto per fumane da cucina composto da: aspiratore a pale rovesce , quadro inverter, cappa a parete e terminale a flusso verticale. Nonostante il periodo difficile, stiamo riprendendo il lavoro a pieno ritmo. Grazie a tutti per la fiducia che riponete in noi. Ciberia DaMò, Misano Adriatico. We have just completed the installation of a kitchen extraction system consisting of: fan with reverse blades, control panel with inverter, wall hood and vertical flow terminal. Despite the difficult times, we are starting work at full speed. Thank you all for trusting us.

Ciberia DaMò