Iper Maestoso is a former cinema transformed into a Hypermarket with excellent food from the Iper Montebello chain

The inauguration dates back to a few days ago, exactly 5 December 2019. For us, this work is a source of great pride and represents the flagship of 2019, a year full of events that has just ended.

Our staff has followed the project since the beginning, when the building was still under construction, to provide for the mezzanines and necessary spaces to house the machines. All the channels have been evaluated and decided together with the artistic direction of the project which, given the importance of the same, was very demanding.

The gastronomy and catering service offer every variation of food and cooking, ranging from fish, meat, vegetarian, vegan, burger and pizzeria. The types of cooking are able to satisfy everyone: pizza and bread wood fired ovens, wood fired grills, Josper charcoal ovens (our partners in the many cooking Shows that are taking place at our Show Room) and all other traditional equipment present in the food world. 

Our work has covered all the aspiration of the gastronomy and catering area,  bakery ovens, pizzerias, fresh pasta, vegetarian world, meat, fish and wood-and-charcoal grill department.

We installed 15 custom-made hoods, made in rectangular and circular form, covering a flow rate of about 65,000 m3 / h, subdivided into 5 odor abatement units with 20,000 m3 / h air reintegration.

The air sucked in by the hoods is treated by removing odors and fats, and then returned to the environment through air reintegration.
The extraction system, divided into 5 grease and odor control units and a soot abatement system for the pizzeria, is composed as follows:

Maxi 300 for nr. 2 wood-fired pizza ovens;
Suction unit for the bakery area;
Suction unit for all hoods serving the equipment for meat and fish;
Suction Unit for the fresh pasta and vegetarian areas;
Suction Unit for the gastronomy sales point ;
Mixed water and UVC lamps with Maxi Grill 600 serving the grill.

A self-filtering hood was also built to serve the Hamburger area built with the same elements as the control units for the filtration of grease and odors.

Despite the complexity of the project, the result proved to be fully satisfactory for us and for the customer, and this is the best reward for us.