Traveling with the changing pizza world.

//Traveling with the changing pizza world.

In recent years, we are witnessing a series of fast trend changes in all sectors, including the world of pizza.  Pizza gourmet for instance, is gaining increasing appreciation. The new trends do not only concern the taste of the product itself, but also all those issues relating to eco-sustainability or social problems that require special attention.

All over the world the environmental theme is the main subject, a theme that, little by little, begins to make its way in the world of catering as well. And if until recently the environmental issue was the prerogative of a few restaurants particularly sensitive to the issue, now the issue concerns everyone.

One of the trends therefore concerns attention to the environmental impact: the chosen packaging becomes eco-sustainable and the dishes are more and more often made of recyclable or reusable materials. However, reducing food waste is also a good way to protect the environment  – perhaps by encouraging the use of the so-called doggy boxes and, even more, using products at km 0 which, by their nature, have a lesser impact on the environment.

“Smart” is a word that we are all increasingly using in our usual jargon. Today it is possible to go through the  presentation of the ingredients, their origin and their characteristics at no cost, by using the QR-codes for instance, that allow the user to be directed to web pages that report detailed information.

The mother dough, for instance, being a natural product, will be increasingly used, as it is associated with the words “cure”, “love” and “health” and the ingredients will be more and more at KM0.  The tendency to support local products enhancing their flavor and uniqueness on the pizza will be more and more evident.

Chefs and experts of the Italian gastronomy rely on pizza to teach young people the importance of living in a more sustainable way. The simple and natural dough, the genuine ingredients found thanks to a close connection with local producers and the affordable prices , make pizza the most popular and sustainable dish. And young people, so attentive to these themes , are the ideal users to spread these themes.